Calendar of Events

 July 2021:

4:   Jack Bruce Scholarship Fund Emphasis Sunday
5-9:    Rockcastle Week at Laurel Lake Baptist Camp
12:   Executive Board Meeting at 7PM
18:   Send Relief Sunday
25:   Southern Baptist Media Day


August 2021:

1:    Social Issues Sunday
2:    Executive Board Meeting at 7PM
3:    Associational Quarterly WMU Meeting at the Assoc Office at 7PM
8:    Student Evangelism Day
15-22:    Worship Music Week
16-20:    Community Revival at First Baptist at 7PM
25:    First Day of School for Students in Rockcastle County


September 2021:

5: Single Adult Sunday
6: Labor Day
12: Grandparents Day
13: Executive Board Meeting at 7PM
19: Anti-Gambling Sunday
22: See-You-At-The-Pole

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