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Administrative Team: The Administrative Team serves the Association by providing basic leadership and oversight to its various functions in order to assist the Association in fulfilling its purpose!
Administrative Team Leader, A.M.S., Randy McPheron


Evangelism Team: The Evangelism Team is to provide leadership to the Association in the spreading of the Gospel throughout Rockcastle County, develop and promote evangelism strategies to the churches, and provide and promote evangelism training to the churches. This Team will provide leadership to the Association in examining the needs of Rockcastle County to start any new works, preaching points, evangelistic Bible studies, and new churches as well as helping the churches of Rockcastle Baptist Association to have an evangelistic focus. The Evangelism Team is also responsible for Association Youth outreach as well as assisting in organizing and promoting Youth Camp at Laurel Lake Baptist Camp!
Evangelism Team Leader, Chris Martin



Missions & Ministries Team: This Team is charged with the responsibility of promoting and assisting in the work of the Association WMU, Disaster Relief, CMT, Volunteer Missions & Missions Partnerships, JBSF, M.O.M., and Sunrise Children’s Services. This Team is also responsible for the promotion of Great Commission causes including Association missions, KBC missions, NAMB, IMB, and any other Southern Baptist causes. This Team will provide leadership to the Association in engaging the Association Churches in the mission strategies of the Rockcastle Baptist Association!

Missions & Ministries Team Leader, James Hardin




Church Equipping Team: This Team serves the Association Churches by providing encouragement, resources, consulting and training opportunities to its leadership and members, promote any Association, KBC or SBC training events that might be an encouragement to our churches or leaders, organize events that might be helpful to our churches such as Sunday School, VBS Clinics, January Bible Study Previews, Music, Prayer, Discipleship, and Fellowship. This Team will assist in facilitating the annual Minister/Spouse Christmas fellowship as well as any other opportunities to encourage Pastors, Pastor’s Wives, and Church Staff!

Church Equipping Team Leader, Dennis Wilder

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