The Association WMU meets every quarter throughout the year. If you are interested in organizing a WMU Ministry in your church contact Stephanie Hurst!  Our next Associational Quarterly WMU Meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019 at the Maretburg Baptist Church at 7PM.

“Stay Focused” As a teacher, this is a phrase I use quite often. I know that my students cannot be successful if they become distracted. Yet there seems to be something constantly distracting them. We as Christians have to fight to stay focused too but there is consistently something distracting us. “A healthy consistent prayer life is the key to knowing God and hearing Him. It’s also the primary method for doing battle with the enemy on behalf of ourselves and others. God knows this and so does our enemy. It’s no wonder our adversary is keen to disrupt any attempt we make to connect to our Father.” – Taken from January 2019 Mission Mosaic

January: Warm up to Missions
▸ January 20 – Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
▸ Suggested mission action/witnessing focus – Prisoners Indigent Bags: suggested mission action/witnessing focus – Each bag contains 1- stick deodorant; 1-clear bottle of body wash 1- lead pencil; 2- stamped envelopes; 4 sheets of writing paper; religious tract
Place the above in a large (gallon) zip lock bag

February: Fall in Love with Missions
▸ February 5: Quarterly WMU Meeting – 7:00 PM – Maretburg Baptist Church
▸ February 11-17: Focus on WMU (Look for ways to promote WMU in your church)
▸ Suggested mission action/witnessing focus – Book Link – Needs: Bibles, church literature (new or used), hymnals, volunteers to pack boxes and get them ready to ship.

March: Pray More, Give More, Save More
▸ March 3-9: Week of Prayer and Mission Study and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions
▸ March 9: Associational Children’s Mission Day at Pine Hill Baptist Church from 10:00AM to 12:00PM. The theme this year is “Go Tell” from Mark 16:5 (Look for more information in February)
▸ Suggested mission action/witnessing focus – Children’s Mission Day

Associational WMU Director:   Stephanie Hurst
Cell:   859-200-4143
E-Mail:   stephanielhurst@windstream.net



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