Have you ever wondered about why people become missionaries? I’ve heard more than one missionary give their testimony and say that they first heard their call to missions as a child in their Mission Friends, GA, RA, or other mission class. I ran across another of those “mission testimonies” this month in my Mission Mosaic. Shelia Flowers, Curriculum and Content Administrator, who served 20 years overseas as a missionary said, “My missionary journey began long before I left the US. It started with WMU programs in my church. I learned about men and women who went and stayed constant in their commitment to tell the story that changes lives. I was a Girl-in-Action leader and experienced the joy of encouraging girls to see God’s big plan.” Are we cultivating our future missionaries? Does your church offer mission education classes for your children? If you would like to know more about youth or adult mission classes, please feel free to contact me.
April: Pursue Relationships — Never Give Up
• April 5-6: KY WMU Annual Meeting – First Baptist Church in Bowling Green. For more information visit the KY WMU website at hhtps://www.kywmu.org/annual-meeting-schedule.html
• April 7: Cooperative Program Sunday
• Suggested Missions Project: Rockcastle Rehabilitation Center at Brodhead is in need of items they can include in their client store. These items are used as prizes for games and activities. They can use various items such as small lotions, costume jewelry, combs, brushed, Chap stick, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, perfume, stationary, candy, sugar free candy and gum, Freedent gum, puzzle books, scarves, games, caps, lap quilts, etc. If you would like to donate items, you can take them to the activity director at the Center or bing them to the Associational Office.

May: Pursue Relationships — Remember What You Do Matters
• May 7: Associational Quarterly WMU Meeting – Ottawa Baptist Church – 7PM
• May 19-26: Rockcastle Associational Missions Week
• May 16: Appreciation Dinner for Associational Leaders – 6PM – Associational Building
• Suggested Missions Project – Pregnancy Help Center Baby Bottles Blessings in Richmond, KY
Ask families to fill a baby bottle with change for the center. For more information call 859-624-3942 or madisonphc.org

June: Pursue Relationships — Project Help – Refugees
• June 9: WMU Missions Celebration — Birmingham Alabama
• Suggested Missions Projects – VBS and Summer Mission Trips – Looks for ways to support these efforts within your church or association


Associational WMU Director:   Stephanie Hurst
Cell:   859-200-4143
E-Mail:   stephanielhurst@windstream.net



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