“We teach our children many things-how to tie their shoes, the importance of good manners, how to bake cookies, or how to ride a bike safely. This is what parents do. We pass on the skills that children will need as they reach adulthood and begin to raise their own families. In the same way we should work to teach younger believers in the faith and to live their lives on mission so that they can mature and lead others to be on missions.” Are you teaching your own children or grandchildren to see the world through a missional lens? Why not start this summer by doing missions beginning at your doorstep? Take your child or grandchild along with you as serve others. There are many mission opportunities that are kid friendly. Share your heart for missions with the next generation. –Quote taken from Doing Missions Together- Work with others to share the love of Jesus. July Missions Mosaic
July:   Fan the Flame- Cultivate Growth for Contagious Christianity
July 20: Children’s Water Day – 10:00 am to 12:00 pm @ TIC TOC Christian Preschool – This is a great opportunity for kids to learn about the importance of clean water to our missionaries, through the Pure Water/Pure Love water filter project. Children can spend the day playing water games and learning about the mission project. Churches are encouraged to fill water bottles with change and bringing them that day. Money will be used to help purchase water filters for missionaries. Warning—YOU WILL GET WET!!! For more information visit the website http://wmu.com/?q=article/support/national-wmu/pure-water-pure-love
August:   Step into a Life of Discipleship – Teach by Example
August 6: WMU Quarterly Meeting – 7:00 pm @ Jacob’s Well in Brodhead – Mission project: Christmas in August- Missionary Kirk Kirklandat Revive City Church-151 W 4th Street Box 24 Cincinnati OH 45202• Walmart or Gordon Food Services gift cards
• Gas Station Gift Cards (Shell or BP)
Revive City Church loves to reach out to the people in their community! They throw block parties and also offer Vacation Bible School and sports camps for children. Walmart and Gordon Food Services gift cards will help them prepare for all of these fun events. Whenever people accept Jesus as their Savior or when the church is involved in outreach, they give away gift Bibles. The church also has a van that transports people to and from church each week. The gas station gift cards will help them with their gas expenses as they offer this transport service to people in their community.
September:   Kentucky State Missions – Eliza Broadus Offering
September 8-14: Week of Prayer for State Missions and Eliza Broadus Offering : Churches are encouraged to pray for and support missions in our state. For more information visit the website https://www.kywmu.org/ebo.html

Associational WMU Director:   Stephanie Hurst
Cell:   859-200-4143
E-Mail:   stephanielhurst@windstream.net



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