Christmas is a time for gift-giving. We take great time in choosing just the right gift for that special person. God’s spiritual gifts were tailor made just for you. But many time I hear people say that they don’t know what their gift is. This gift was chosen for you, not for you to keep to yourself, but instead our spiritual gifts are to be used to build up His church and share the gospel with those who have yet to hear. If you are struggling to discover your spiritual gift, move closer to the giver and He will help you discover your perfect gift. Pursue the giver….not the gift.

January – Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

▸ January 19: Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

February – Grow in Christlikeness

▸ February 4: Quarterly WMU Meeting at 6PM at the Associational Building – Our WMU groups are encouraged to set up table displays for Focus on WMU month. Stop and Go and learn more about what local churches are doing in missions.
▸ February 10-16: Focus on WMU (Look for ways to promote WMU in your church)
March – Week of Prayer for North American Missions

▸ March 1-8: Week of Prayer and Mission Study and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions
▸ March 14: Associational Children’s Mission Day at Pine Hill Baptist Church from 10AM to 12PM. The theme this year is Go Tell from Mark 16:5 (Look for mor information in February)

Associational WMU Director:   Stephanie Hurst
Cell:   859-200-4143
E-Mail:   stephanielhurst@windstream.net



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