Mission Message

            “Rockcastle Baptists are Going to Brazil!”
Randy J. McPheron (Associational Mission Strategist)

A Team from the Rockcastle Baptist Association will travel to Brazil, South America late July/early August to explore a new partnership! Our Team will serve in Sao Paulo one of the largest cities in the world! We will meet with Southern Baptist Missionaries, as well as Brazilian Pastors and Church Leaders to learn about ways our churches can partner together! For the past five years Rockcastle Baptist Association organized mission work in Nicaragua. Association churches partnered together to send teams, conduct ministry, share the Gospel, and help plant churches! Rockcastle Baptists partnered together to build a church in Nicaragua! Thanks to you there is a church building where Nicaraguan Baptists gather to worship each week! Together we gave thousands of clothes items, flip-flops, reading glasses along with hundreds of pillow case dresses and salvation dolls. Hundreds of people came to faith in Christ and many people were blessed! God blessed us immeasurably! Praise God for all He has accomplished through this Association as we ministered together in Nicaragua!

As we send our first Team of Volunteers to Brazil we are anticipating a great move of God there as well! The city of Sao Paulo is the 7th largest metro city in the world! With a population estimated at 22 million there is an estimated 20 million lost. The goal of this new partnership is to enlist our churches to pray for Sao Paulo, and for the pastors, churches, and missionaries serving there; and to organize short-term mission teams to help evangelize this great city! We are praying for God to open doors where He wants us to serve and share! God can use us to impact lostness in Sao Paulo.

How can Rockcastle Baptist Association churches partner with Sao Paulo? Go with us to Brazil! We plan to send more Volunteers. Ask God if wants to use you! Pray for Brazil! Nothing happens without prayer! Please pray for SBC Missionaries Aaron & Melissa, Scott & Joyce and for Volunteers Jennifer, Damon, Sonya, Chris, Laura, Jeff, Sydney, Randy & Jake! Give a special missions offering for Brazil! We have a special Brazil Missions Fund set up at the Association. Churches or individuals can give to this fund as they feel led. Also, churches can help Volunteers individually with the expense of the trip. Cost is around $2,300 per person which covers airfare, lodging, meals, transportation in Brazil, translators, etc. If someone from your church is called to go consider helping to send them! If your church is looking for ways to partner then pray about giving to help others go.

Partnering together as an Association is a proven way to effectively fulfill the Great Commission! Jesus called us to go and make disciples! This is our purpose! The Great Commission is not optional. A consolidated effort by our churches will make a huge impact in Brazil and will go a long way in fulfilling the Words of Jesus to His church, “Go… and make disciples” (*see Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8)!


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