Mission Message

                                        “22 Churches”
I am excited about 2019 and the opportunities God is providing for Rockcastle Baptist Association to go beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are now 22 churches strong! We have developed a new graphic design to help promote our theme “Going Beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!” Please let me know what you think. Since our Association Newsletter is now being provided quarterly, this particular issue covers the months of January, February and March. Praise God we get to bring in the New Year together and promote some exciting stuff for these months! First, please allow me to thank each of our churches for your hard work and generosity towards our Christmas outreach GIVE HOPE! There were hundreds of toys, blankets and Christmas- filled backpacks given to families. 57 people at the event professed faith in Jesus Christ! What a tremendous effort put forth by our churches! I am grateful for each one of our churches and pastors for your participation. Also, I would like to celebrate the generosity of our churches for your giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. This is one of the most important things we do together as Southern Baptists. This offering helps support our SBC international missionaries. Literally, through this offering we are taking the Gospel to the world. If your church hasn’t given yet you can still do so in January! In fact, churches may give to LMCO year round! Let me share an idea with you… in one of the churches where I served as Pastor I asked the church to take an offering at our Wednesday night services, and that the offering be divided between the International Mission Board (Lottie Moon) and the North America Mission Board (Annie Armstrong). We still collected special offerings for each of these at Christmas and Easter but also added the bonus amounts we had been collecting year round. It was just another way for us to pray for our missionaries and boost our giving while promoting missions. However your church supports the work of missions is completely up to you. God will lead you and He will bless you for your investment!

Please help me promote some upcoming opportunities. First, our Association is developing potential mission trips for 2019 in Eastern Kentucky. If you have never gone on a short-term mission trip this would be a great place to start. We are also looking into other opportunities and possibly an overseas mission trip as well that we will be promoting. In 2019, there will be several mission trips for our churches to choose from. Also, I want to promote some upcoming equipping opportunities. On January 28, there will be a church security training at FBC Mt. Vernon. This will be an excellent training for our Association churches to take advantage of here locally. Also, the Kentucky Baptist Convention is offering evangelism training opportunities called “REFOCUS” on January 29 at Beacon Hill Baptist Church in Somerset and also on January 31at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Lexington. I encourage leaders to take advantage of these opportunities as well.

Association monthly meetings coming up are on January 7, February 4, and March 4 at 7 pm. We would love to see you! Our Association leadership is comprised of four teams: (1) Administrative Team (2) Church Equipping Team (3) Evangelism Team and (4) Missions and Ministry Team. If you’re interested in serving on one of these teams or if your church would like assistance from one of these teams we would love to hear from you.

Rockcastle Baptist Association: “going beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ!”

See Beyond! Pray Beyond! Give Beyond! Serve Beyond!


Randy J. McPheron, Associational Missions Strategist


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